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Vitamin_VitaminHouse Inc.

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# Company Introduction 
Ever since VitaminHouse was established in August 2000, we are positioned as one of the best brands of supplements and functional food in Korea, which can be found in over 7,600 pharmacies, 1,000 hospitals and many internet shops and television homeshopping networks. 

We manufacture and distribute more than 500 kinds of products to our customers and partners in world-wide. However, we provide not only brand item, also OEM and ODM services. And, we will continuously focus to achieve a competitive advantage by maintaining constant product quality through R&D and advanced technical wupport to target customer needs.  

# Main Products 
1. Red Ginseng Power Multi vitamin & Mineral 
Red Ginseng Power Multi vitmain & Mineral
2. VitaminHouse Multivitamin Well Plus 
Multivitamin Well Plus
3. BeautyFood Fish collagen 
BeautyFood Fish collagen
4. Sparkling Garcinia plus Vitamin Lemon 
Sparkling Garcinia plus Vitamin Lemon
# Catalogue 

# Video

General Information

Year established1999
Co.Registration No410-81-50690
Type of companyHead Office
Fax+82 2 576 4281



Area : North America, North America, North America, Asia-Pacific, Central/East Europe
Country : United States, Canada, Australia, Russian Federation


Area : Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific, Central Asia, Middle East
Country : Philippines, Viet Nam, Singapore, Iran


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