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Speed Self Hair Dye / 1 minute / quick Hair Dye / Colourant _ CandySpeed

Company Summary CandySpeed

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# Company Introduction 
The ideology of Candyspeed promises "healthy and beautiful hair" to customers 
Responsibly. Candyspeed is a groundbreaking product that dyes colour in 1~3 minutes, is odourless and immediately creates soft hair. If the living foundation can create a beautiful valuein this world, we will not give up. For the fulfilment of our 
Philosophy, we will provide the highest level of product and the opportunity of 
Innovative business. We have a specific plan of operation to fulfil it. 
We believe that success is achieved when a modest person nurses big vision in the 
heart and endeavours honestly and earnestly. Candyspeed will take responsibility 
for the customers' healthy and beautiful hair. 

# Main Procuct / Brand :CandySpeed 
1-minute colourant ( hairdye ) in various corporations consisted of agency distribution. 

# Catalogue 

Company Introduction : 
CandySpeed :
# Contact :

General Information

Year established2015
Co.Registration No760-88-00828
Type of companyHead Office
Fax+82 473 9938


  • CANDYSPEED  (Producer / Exporter)  1 minute Hair Dye


Area : Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific
Country : China, South Korea, Japan

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