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Natural Cosmetic_HAYON Co., Ltd

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# Company introduction 
The natural vitality with our pride in 'the true natural' products, we will be responsible for your healthy beauty. 

HAYON is a pure Korean word that means 'intact nature'. 
HAYON was established after a long persistent research to add only the pure natural ingredients without any harmful substances. 
We only added the ingredients that let skin relax, breath, and illuminate. Skin that suffered from chemicals for fastabsorption, good scent, long expiry date, and favorable formulation. 
Recover your natural skin with persistent HAYON. 
We researchcosmetics more circumspectly than food. Thinking our family's health. 

Be healthy, happy and beautiful with Natural Cosmetics 
Chemical ingredient poisons the human body. Our body can not be healthy unless using cosmetics made of harmful ingredients. HAYON will bea front-runner of natural cosmetics that can be used with trust. 

We always study new ingredients benefits to skin. 
we willpersist our effort to find ingredient that can make our skin more beautiful and healthy like unaging skin or making skin glossy and glow from the inside. 

# Main products 
Functional cosmetics with Crystal 

1. HAYONC3 Amethyst Soap 
Soap(HAYONC3 Amethyst Soap)
2. HAYONC3 Crystal PowerBB Complete 
BB Cream(HAYONC3 Crystal Power BB Complete)
3. HAYONC3 Crystal Forming Cleanser 
Foaming Cleanser(HAYONC3 Crystal Foaming Cleanser)
4. HAYONC3 Crystal Power Nourishing Cream 
Nourishing Cream(HAYONC3 Crystal Power Nourishing Cream)
5. HAYONC3 Crystal Repair Serum 
Repair Serum(HAYONC3 Crystal Repair Serum)
6. HAYONC3 Crystal Skin Toner 
Skin Toner(HAYONC3 Crystal Skin Toner)
7. HAYONC3 Crystal Facial Oil 
Facial Oil(HAYONC3 Crystal Facial Oil)
8. HAYONC3 Intensive Repair Ampule 
Repair Ampoule(HAYONC3 intensive repair Ampoule)

# Catalogue 

# Video

General Information

Year established2015
Co.Registration No282-85-00308
Type of companyHead Office
Fax+82 62 956 1796



  • Type:
    ISO 9001, ISO 14001ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO22000, TFDA, PMDA, CFDA



  • On site
    2 Employees
  • Company
    2 Employees


  • 2016
    89,711 USD
  • 2015
    77,533 USD

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