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LED Flashing Safety Vest, Protective clothing, man-made fibres _ ORION SYSTEMS

Company Summary ORION Systems

a safety vest , LED-vest , construction, Data-logger, RTU, LED Flashing Safety Vest 

# Company Profile 
We have been established and operated since 2007 as a small scaled business firm to begin with on the basis of supporting and Data-Loger device ( environment automatic device and system ). Our another Member have been engaged in building industry over 10 years. So he's into something safety and rescue equipment. 
We planning business portfolio 2017, and added a new business(LED safety vest). We designed and made products 

# Main Product [ LED Flashing Safety Vest ] 
LED Flashing Safety Vest is the most optimized safety supplies for Construction site and Industrial safety use such as night working field, tunnel area, mining area, and also it can be the best safety using for military, police and fire-fighting station. 

# Catalogue
Contact :

General Information

Year established2007
Co.Registration No138-81-43282
Type of companyHead Office
Fax+82 381 4154

Main Product


  • Type:

Key figures


  • On site
    8 Employees
  • Company
    8 Employees


  • 2017
    1,115,034 USD
  • 2016
    631,852 USD
  • 2015
    1,115,034 USD


Executive information

  • Hee-Su Moon
    Sales Planning Division / Vice President
  • SungJin Cho

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