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skincare, Cosmetic_OZ HEALTHCARE INC

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#Company Introduction 
OZ HEALTH CARE is an OEM&ODM specialized cosmetics company. Cooperation company involved in Korea, Japan, America, Tailand. It continues to grow through overseas exports. 

OZ HEALTH CARE company has the outstanding researchers, skin care, functional cosmetics, body and hair care brands focus on consulting and marketing, rapid production and response, tp ensure the competitiveness of the premium services, Continuous change and try our best to be the best. 

Introduction of the research institute 
The comapny invests as much as 10% of the sales into R&D, with a focus on developing high quality, High function cosmetics. Through differentiated and specialized product development, we satisfy the aesthetic desires of the customers. With stricr safety an stability. 

OZ HEALTH CARE INC. is a specialized cometic company which manufactures and distributes a variety of products to provide true beauty through ingredients which retains Australia's clean nature. In order to develop better products continuously, we listen to our customers. 

To deliver positive influence from nature, we work hard for our customer's beautiful and abundant life. We make base cometics, using the best ingredients which met the strict standards of Australia. We keep research and develop Australia's clean energy and beauty. 

The most beautiful and abundant place, please enjoy Australia's unchanging values. 

#Main Product 
1. Whitening Intensive Illuminating Cream 
Radiance Whitening Intensive Illuminating Cream
2. Whitening Ultra Firming Essence 
Radiance Whitening Ultra Firming Essence
3. Radiance Whitening Intensive Hydrating Toner 
Radiance Whitening Intensive Hydrating Toner

4. Radiance Whitening Intensive Hydrating Emulsion 
Radiance Whitening Intensive Hydrating Emulsion





Area : Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific
Country : Thailand, Viet Nam


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    ISO 9001

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