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Bolt, Nut, SpringLock_Core Bolt Co., Ltd.

Bolt, Nut, nord lock, anchor bolt, wall plug, hollow wallanchor, anti vibration nut, anti loosening nut, plastic anchor, corebolt, corelock, springlock 

CoreBolt/CoreLock/SpringLock are inventional and functional fastener products. 
To commercialize and apply such innovative products in the industry, it goes through substantial efforts as well as certified procedures. Bolts/Nuts are considered as the basis of the mechanical industry, however the general fastening method during the past century has not significantly developed due to regulation such as standardization. Regulations in the industryshould be strengthened in terms of safety; however it should be relaxed in the perspective of change and innovation. These opposite tendencies are similar to the characteristics of bolts and nuts that should be fastened, but be loosened as well. Compared to the existing methods,we sought to improve the wall plug mounting method and solve the nutsloosening issue. We have invented the physical locking device to bolts and nuts, and would like to evaluate it as an innovative tech 
nology developed in terms of safety guarantee. With entrepreneurship and innovative technology development, we would like to share our prosperity with all of you in the world. 

#Main Product 
1. CoreBolt 
2. CoreLock 
Bolt & Nut(CoreLock)
3. SpringLock 
Bolt & Nut(SpringLock)



General Information

Year established2017
Co.Registration No289-86-00780
Type of companyHead Office
Fax+82 61 535 6077




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