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Alumina_CIS Co., Ltd

Easy sintering alumina, High purity alumina, Lithium Carbonate, Synthetic magnesium Hydroxide,Fine Ceramic, Abrasive, Refrectory, MCCL, Secondary battery seperator Film Coating, Compound,Filler, Calcined Alumina 

* Company Introduction 
Our company produce low sodaand easy sintering alumina for the purpose of supplying our products to electronics & ceramic industry areas. We also produce specialized alumina and lithium products. Such as flaky alumina, roundish alumina and Lithium Carbonate. CIS is a company that specializes in supplying ceramic, semiconductor materials & LIB materials 

Our products, low soda and easy sintering alumina are made from roasting aluminumhydroxide in tunnel kiln and rotary kiln at high temperature to control the alpha crystal size for various special products. After calcination, the intermediate has a very low soda content which is then subjected to grinding using a ball mill and other processes to obtain fine alumina powder having easy sintering properties. It has good moldability and sinterability and also excellent surface smoothness and wear resistance. The product is suitable for making high quality ceramic products which require high dimensional accuracy, especially as IC substrate, cutting tools, and Special crucibles. 
This high purity aluminaalso applied to the LIB separator coating materials for stability reinforced separator. some of specialized powder is used to epoxy compound for MCCL(Metal Copper Clad Laminate) and automobile interior materials. 

#Main Product(alumina powder) 
1. C-300 
Alumina _ C-300
2. C-105IL 
Alumina Powder _ C-105IL
3. C-112D 
Alumina _ C-112D
4. C-105I 

Alumina Powder _ C-105I

General Information

Year established2012
Co.Registration No410-86-61310
Type of companyHead Office
Fax+82 62 714 1321


Area : Asia-Pacific, North America, West. Europe, Asia-Pacific
Country : Japan, Australia, France, China


Area : Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific
Country : Taiwan, China, Japan


  • Type:
    ISO9001, ISO14001



  • On site
    21 Employees
  • Company
    21 Employees


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