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Tile and Aluminum Tile Sheet_UNIDESIGN Co.,Ltd.

Company Summary UNIDESIGN Co.,Ltd.

Tile, Aluminum Tile Sheet, 3-D Epoxy Tile, DIY Tile Sheet, BEAUS Tile 

#Company Introduction 
BEAUSTile has glass-like surfaces and embossed epoxy resin tiles. It looks like a real glass tile or polished marble tile, But it is easy to use because there is adhesive surface on the back. 
You can make the desired shape with scissors or cutter, and if it is wrongly attached to the wall, you can remove it and reattach it. BEAUSTile has flame retardant effect and can be attached to the gas stove wall for safety. Because we printed the pattern directly on the aluminum foil surface, the product can withstand up to 120 Celsius degrees. 
BEAUSTile is easy to apply to all types of surfaces such as bathroom tiles. BEAUSTile does not contain hazardous substances such as cadmium, mercury or formaldehyde, and has beencertified by Bureau Veritas in New York and Seoul for quality and safety. 
Finally, BEAUSTile holds manufacturing technology patent inJapan and South Korea and patent applications in Europe, the United States and China. 

#Main Products 
BEAUS Tile(BEAUS Tile,Monochrome,White brick,Sappire blue) 


General Information

Year established2001
Co.Registration No106-81-98102
Type of companyHead Office
Fax+82 32 6129537


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