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Semiconductors and Automation equipment_SAMIL TECH CO.,LTD.

Company Summary SAMIL TECH CO.,LTD.

semiconductors and automation equipment, trim equipment, form equipment, semiconductor package inspection equipment, laser deflash equipment 

#Company Introduction 
Samil Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional company that develops and manufactures semiconductors and automation equipment. Since its foundation in 1993, it has been supplyingvarious equipment to domestic and overseas manufacturing companies. It is an equipment manufacturing company focusing on location of equipment and securing national competitiveness. 
Samil has especially been focusing on semiconductors and automation equipment including trim/form equipment, semiconductor package inspection equipment, laser deflash equipment, and laser marking equipment among semiconductor post-processing equipment. We have endeavored to be the company that createsthe highest value with the best products through persistent R&D and quality improvement. 

#Main Products 
Matrix Trim Form Singulation System 
SPM3/3V Flexible Test Handler 
Laser Deflash System 
Tape & Reel System 
Magnet Chip Loading Machine 
8pin connector assembly system 
LPG Valve Auto Assembly Machine 
Vertical Rotary Barbed Suture Machine

General Information

Year established1999
Co.Registration No130-81-61947
Type of companyHead Office
Fax+82 32 663 6326


8 products

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