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CTlab Co., Ltd._CSP, Chip Scale Package

Company Summary CTlab Co., Ltd.

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CTLab is a small but strong venture company, producing semiconductor light sources for BLU, Smart phone, Indicator, and Lighting. CTLab has developed and produced a variety of LED package and module for IT and Lighting Application, by using our own CSP (Chip Scale Package) technology. Our miniaturized CSPs have the more different and innovative structures than other conventional LED Packages, making something NEUH. 
(NEUH is the acronym of No bonding & Au wire, Extremely low cost, Ultra small & thin and High Performance & Reliability) In addition, CTLAB passed the official LM-80 Reliability test (almost 9 months) at the end of 2013. 

CTLab's motto is "share light and miracle with us". We know that CSP should be much like the filament of an Edison bulb, so everyone, whoever poor or rich, in the world gets the benefit of light easily and properly. We believethat our CSP technology is like priming water. We will prime the pumpto increase the value of customer through CTLab's product. Today and tomorrow, we are always doing our best.

General Information

Year established2012
Co.Registration No125-86-03159
Type of companyHead Office
Fax+82 70 7842 9225


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