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Company Summary ROASTING COMPANY ROUM Co.,Ltd.

Shower filter, Vitamin C, Antioxidative Effect, MIilk Powder, Aroma Therapy . 

#Company Introduction. 
Premium coffee brand in Gangneung called city of coffee. It was launched with constant challenges and innovative marketing in 2009 based with 'Every benefits of coffee' as venture idea of Roum. We've been leading popularization of coffee culture to launch company for those who startbusiness through national network and realistic alternative in opening cafe by strategy 'Easy too Easy' The representative brand in Korea saying 'Korea in the world' with firm partnership. Roum entered to China in 2014 and broaden widely to overseas market. Roum has completed project 'Super NOVA' which is simple-type coffee in investing and constant interests to develop R&D since 2013, and develop shower filter thateliminates chlorine water remained using Vitamin in drip bag coffee contained with buckwheat and it becomes one of daily life, and we try more and more to reach the target of maximization of values as slogan 'All benefits of the world', not just for coffee. Roum's the best valueis 'Love customer.' We always do our best not to lose flexibility andinsist our stubborn to fulfill customer's needs and rightness of products. 

#Main Product. 

#Product Description. 
Vitamin filter. 
Our vitamin filter releases Vitamin Cthat helps antioxidant effect, blood circulation and anti-aging. 
Eliminates residual chlorine. 
The residual chlorine remained in tap water in disinfection process Includes noxious materials called Trihalomethane(THT) Our vitamin filter is protecting your skin to eliminate chlorine safely. 
Antioxidant effect. 
Vitamin C helps your skin antioxidant, anti-aging, whitening and nourishing. 
Aroma therapy. 
You can enjoy aromatherapy withvarious type of filters (lemon, rose, lavender, etc.) 

#Technical Detail. 
-Name : Roum vitamin shower filter. 
-Use : filters for shower . 
-Function : Aroma therapy, Moisturizing, 
Whitening, Anti-aging, 
Eliminating residual chlorine. 
-kind : Lemon, Freesia, Rose, Lavender. 
-Specification : bulk, refill, entry-level . 
-Water pressure : recommends 1~7 ber. 
-Country of origin : Republic of Korea. 
-Patent application : 10-2015-0173985. 

#End user. 
Every consumer, Water Filter for Use in Bathroom. 


General Information

Year established2016
Co.Registration No839-81-00159
Type of companyHead Office
Fax+82 33 6438839


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