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PCC Corporation

Company Summary 

health food, diet, dietary supplement, mask pack, functional food, natural mask pack,

#Company Introduciton:
PCCC is a health food manufacturing, distribution and export company that strengthens the body's immune system and promotes health.

PCCC deals with reliable health product such as korean cactus natural moisture mask, pine nut extract and premium dietary supplement, produced in eco-friendly areas.

#Main Product:
1.Rapha Peri Pine Plus
2.korean cactus natural moisture mask

#Product Description:
1. Rapha Peri Pine Plus :
RAPHA PERI PINE PLUS is a health functional food that contains the pine distillate concentrated oil which is vegetable natural component from pine needles. pine distillate concentrated oil protects brain cells and cranial nerves, purifies the blood and vessels, dismantles the foreign substances in narrow or blocked essels and facilitate the flow of blood. It also has functions of invigorating energy, enhancing immune system, creating cells and antioxidant effacement containing required nutrients.

2. korean cactus natural moisture mask :
The strong vitality of Korean cactus that does not die at -20'c in cold weather. Put vitality into lifeless skin for healthy, beautiful face from today. Manage your skin with Korean Cactus Natural Moisture Mask Pack! Abundance of active ingredients of Korean cactus will treat your skin.

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General Information

Year established2016
Co.Registration No512-88-00442
Type of companyHead Office
Fax+82 505 4413794


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    5 Employees
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