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Company Summary,Ltd

natural sterilization, disinfection, skin moisturization, nonalcoholic component used for hands, face, and mouth, synthetic preservative 

#Company Introduciton: 
Our business of our company is in line with the 'infection is a disease' which is implemented as a part of the three- year reform policy for the national economic innovation. 
At 21C, our lives have improved in terms ofculture, but we are endlessly challenged by germs, viruses, and bacteria, and our lives are threatened by new diseases. Our company manufactures and supplies sanitizers that prevent secondary infections from bacteria, viruses and bacteria, and disinfect and sterilize them. Our products are pure natural products with no side effects. 
Our company is a small but strong company, steadily supplying products to government agencies to protect the public health. 
In the meantime, we have been supplying products to public health centers, hospitals and clinics for more than 10 years and now we are supplying our products required by various companies and homes, such as nursing homes, thepostnatal care centers, funeral halls, and wedding halls, etc. 

# Main product: 
Doc Bac 5 Zero Spray. 

#Product Description: 
Sterilizing hands, face, eyes and skin Brushing, oral gargling, removing bad breath 
Disinfecting wounds caused by stab wounds Cleansing the make-up tools Disinfecting of burn wounds caused by cooking. 

#Technical Detail: 
The features of all our products are not sticky, and if they are sprayed, the bacteria, viruses and germs of the contacted parts are sterilize and disinfected. 
The Dr. Park 5- Second Zero is a natural sterilization and disinfection water and it is supplied in the form of spray for easy use in everyday life. Another product is the Dr. Pharm 5- Second Zero, thenatural sterilization and disinfection gauze, which is in the limelight as a product that can replace the wet wipes that is highly controversial on its harmfulness. 

#End user: 
Hospitals, and Clinics, Sanatorium, Children Daycare Center, Livestock Farm, Public Facilities.

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Year established2014
Co.Registration No555-87-00082
Type of companyHead Office
Fax+82 33 2518276


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