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GangSung Bio co., Ltd

Company Summary GangSung Bio co., Ltd

Fermented Brown rice, brown rice, well being, color rice, healthy food, healthy rice, diet rice, children rice, present, family rice . 

#Company Introduction. 
GangSung Bio is located in GangWon provance where is most beautiful scenic and clean placein Korea. the reason why our company chose Gangwon Province is here. 
Our choices are making products as much as possible environmentally friendly, environmentally clean at this place. 
And Bio means Life. our purpose is that It's making living product and Breathe product for healthy human life. 
GangSung bio is always trying hard to make it as much as we can for customers. 

#Main Product. 
Fermented well being brown rice. 

#Product Description. 
Fermented well being brown rice is, 
First, It is high nutritious femented brown rice to be added over 20 nutritional plants during special fermenation process. 
> Added nutritional plants : Pitaya, Red ginseng, Houttuynia, Pluriflrum OHWI, Curcuma, Gardenia, Dandelion, Sweet Pumpkin, Chestnut, Beet, Monascus, Purple sweet potato,tomato, Schisandra chinensis,Mulberry leaves, 
Green tea, Thistle, Aronia, Chlorella, Carrot, Rice bran. 

Second, It is very soften mouth feeling from mineral fermentation procsee. It feels same as white rice mouth feeling. 

Third, It comes three ( Red / Green / Yellow) natural colors from over 20 nutritional plants during fermentation process. 
There are no chemical and artifical additivs at all. All natures. 

Fourth, It is improved bad digestion and absorption of the disadvantages of brown rice itself from fermentation. 

Fifth, It is same way to cook with white rice methold. ( No need to add more water etc..). 

#End user. 
on line and off line market for family 


General Information

Year established2011
Co.Registration No224-81-50615
Type of companyHead Office
Fax+82 33 3451127


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    ISO 9001:2009 / ISO 9001:2008ISO 14001:2009 / ISO 14001:2004

Key figures


  • On site
    9 Employees
  • Company
    9 Employees


Executive information

  • SangHoon JEON




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