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Donghwa Food

Company Summary Donghwa Food

Traditional, Seafood, Salted Seafood, Processed Seafood. 

#Company Introduction. 
Contribution to the public health as a clean and health dietary culture enterprise. 
Donghwa Food advances to realize the corporate value to be a clean and healthy enterprise presenting good dietary culture to customers. 
Donghwa Food leads the dietary culture with the best taste and quality in the food industry. Furthermore, 
Donghwa Food takes the initiative to form a valuable life culture contributing to public health as well as secure the ability to develop the world's best products. 
Culturalenterprise for traditional table creating Korean food fever. 
Donghwa Food endeavors to present better food and better taste to customers to pursue health, delight, and happiness of its customers rather than profits for delivering healthy food of Korea to all people in the world. 
Donghwa Food puts more endeavors to exploring a more extensive market including Southeast Asia with exports to America, Japan, and China as a steppingstone through development of more diverse products and a new menu. 

#Main Product. 
Salted Pollack Slices. 

#Product Description. 
Sokcho seasoned salted seafood is homemade one which makes an eater feel cooking skills through 100% manual work other than machine work for a large quantity. It also tastes spicy with a chewy texture of food and the use of a unique seasoning secret. A kid, who cannot eat salted seafood, and men and women of all ages can enjoy it. Omani Sokcho Seasoned Salted Seafood is made with all sincerity like a mother's mind using fresh, strictly-selected ingredients. Any eaters can feel an abundant, deep taste of the Sokcho seasoned salted food made with generous seasoning instead of sparing it. 

#End user. 
Mart, Korean restaurant.

General Information

Year established2002
Co.Registration No227-01-85649
Type of companyHead Office
Fax+82 33 6355563


1 products



  • Type:
    ISO2001, ISO14001, ISO9001, HACCP, FDA

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  • On site
    10 Employees
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    10 Employees


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