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Bed, Mattress_Gentice

# Company Profile 

Gentice is based on Korea and manufactures Beds & Mattress for decades. We design and build to the highest standards through our Design & Engineer Department. Our products are guaranteed for customers satisfaction and comfort. Gentice has focusedsst comfort and stability for so many years. Gentice's has a "One-Stop System" with our cutting edge of direct spring, fabric process and quilting. We deal all process to produce the best mattresses from material managing to warehousing, thus we can give high quality products at a reasonable price. We also have open market and social commerce. Nowadays, Gentice tries to expand marketing area for the whole world to see. 

# Main Product: [Bed, Mattress] 

# Product Catalogue 

# Business meeting ( Nov 28- Dec 1, 2016 in Dubai,UAE ) 

# Strength 

Gentice has manufacturing and testing equipment strictlyrequired by the industrial standard of Korea and passed ISO 9001 and KS certification requirements in the areas of material inspection, product inspection and after service. All mattresses manufactured by Gentice are KS certified, not only the springs inside the mattress but theentire mattress. 

We established one-stop manufacturing system (spring modifying, components assembling, fabric processing, fabric quilting etc.) to offer great quality and price competitiveness. 

# Certification 

Wins the ISO9001:14001 certification / Wins the KS mark certification 

Using only high quality components are approved by Korea institution. 

(KSstandard quality : 2.4mm steel wire, Antibacterial fabric etc,) 

We keep our quality maintained with exceptional consistency. 

Some of our productsare certified as 'Non-toxic' 

# Competitive Price 

As we manage all process frombuilding springs to mattress and packing, wecould make customized products and reduce cost. We pay back this benefit to our customers in the form of cost performance of our products. 

We focus on components' quality and safety thorough test with stri

General Information

Year established2011
Co.Registration No126-86-46883
Type of companyHead Office
Fax+82 31 719 6151


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 Business Meeting with Korean Furniture company in Dubai, UAE
August 11, 2016
Furniture Business Meeting is held on November 2016 in Dubai, U.A.E. 
So, if you are interested in our poruducts, you can directly meet with us in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 
Also Kompass is marketing team of the association.   
We hope that your valuable visit make good connection for our business cooperation.  
Thank you.  

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Ms. Jin Park
KOMPASS overseas marketing manager

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