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Badabon Co.,Ltd.

Company Summary Badabon Co.,Ltd.

Kimchi Stew with Tuna, Oyster Seaweed Soup, Abalone Simmered in soy sauce, retort product

#Company Introduction:
BADABON Co., Ltd. is a global specialty food company producing agricultural and marine processed products including processed products of abalone growing in reliable, clean area based on clean sea: abalone simmered in soy sauce, canned abalone, abalone steak, and smoked abalone. Made by persevering people who observe the basics and principles, reliable BADABON’s food brand BADAJIN (nutritional food made truly and correctly) will reward our customers’ support and affection with healthy, happy value. 
Now BADABON and BADAJIN are always with our customers for happy health of loving family members. 

#Main Product:
-Oyster Seaweed Soup.
-Kimchi Stew with Tuna.
-Abalone Simmered in Soy Sauce (mild taste).
-Abalone Simmered in Soy Sauce (spicy taste).

#Product Description:
-Oyster Seaweed Soup
: Oysters called sea milk and well-called seaweed are put together with sesame oil, and the flavor that is mixed with the cool soup flavor and the fragrant flavor is excellent. It is very good with childbirth cooking, child's elderly person and health food

- Kimchi Stew with Tuna
: It is made by putting tuna in the aged kimchi, and the flavor of kimchi and tuna is combined with the nutrition and deep taste. It is not spicy and it is delicious.

- Abalone Simmered in Soy Sauce (mild taste)
: It is deeply nourished by mixing raw materials such as sesame oil, gsutsu-bushi and soy sauce, and it is very good for the side dish of rice.

- Abalone Simmered in Soy Sauce (spicy taste)
: It is mixed with various raw materials such as soy sauce, soybean oil, etc. through abundant naturally abalone, and it is rich in nutrition.

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Year established
Co.Registration No224-81-66719
Type of companyHead Office


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  • Chanmin Jung

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