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Plasma sterilizer_ZERONITEC

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#Company Introduction 

ZERONITEC, is an expert enterprise especially for infection control industry, which is developing, manufacturing and marketing medical low temperature plasma sterilizer. Zeronitec is providing worldwide partners and customers with high-end quality and reliable plasma sterilizer with Europe CE and ISOcertificates. We're always applying high level quality standard for customer satisafaction and struggle to provide best service throughconsistent communication with our customers. And also, Zeronitec does it'sbest to serve competitive product with optimized sterilization systemtoour customer. Zeronitec PLASMA STERILIZER systems are used to sterilize vulnerable devices to heat and humidity in Central SterilizationService Department(CSSD) and Operation Theater(O/T) in hospital. 

#Main Products 
PURE 50/120/120D:Low temperature H2O2 plasma gas sterilizer

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