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PET Film, Dye Sublimation Paper, Clean Paper_(TNF Corporation)

Company Summary

Window film, Solar control window film, UV Cut film, Car window film,IR window film, Solar window film 
Sublimation paper : Dye sublimation transfer paper, Transfer paper, Dye sublimation, Heat sublimation, 
Clean paper : Clean paper, Cleanroom stationary, Cleanroom consumables, 
Interleaving paper, space paper, TFT LCD Production paper, 
Security paper : security paper, security printer, security gate, document security, hard copy security, 
PET film : PET film, POL PET Leading film, LCD Production film, 
2nd battery production film, 
Breath and fresh film, vegetable packing, fruits packing, fresh keeping film, longer shelf life 

# Information 

TNF Korea Corporation isspecialized in Special film and Paper on components and material which fulfills realization of customer's value by continuous variation and innovation, established in 2004. 
Direction of TNF business is to develop high performance film, special treated paper, eco-friendly security paper, materials for ESD and solar energy related to materials. 

TNF China Corporation was established in 2014, running with clean room facility as same quality of Korean facility, for prompt reaction to company who is extending businessin China. 
TNF has been running win-win business with high-end customer, LG Chem, LG Display, Samsung SDI and others, more than 10 years firm relationship. 

# Strength 
TNF has been doing sharp growth and achieved recognition of excellent quality and efficiencyby developing special film andspecial paper with high functional and eco-friendly goods in several industrial site, LCD, Semiconductor, electronic material and Security part. 

Using our own technology, we can stably provide high quality goods in CLASS 100 Zone, high-cleanness facility. 
TNF R&D Center, certified by Korea government, are all focusing on the development of superior materials and new alternatives 

# Main product 
1. Window film (Solar control film) 
2. Dye Sublimation paper 
3. Breathable and Fresh film 
4. Clean paper 
5. Interleaving paper 
6. PET Film 
7. Security paper

General Information

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    Head Office
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    +82 31 794 7662
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    ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004

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