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Kompass Korea Inc. was founded and authorized by Kompass Headquarter (France) in 1989 and has been involved in publishing business directory and industry services that help industrial connect. And Kompass Korea Inc. has been succeeded in an increasingly digital and global marketplace.Kompass Korea Inc. is proud of all the contents and database by the numbers and quality for the Korean company directories. Kompass Korea Inc. serves various exact business information; importers, exporters, distributors, manufacturers and even service businesses.


ECM, WCM, CMS_(I-ON Communications)

Company Summary

# Keyword 
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#Company Introduction
I-ON Communications Co., Ltd. has been providing enterprise-level unstructured data management solutions and services since its establishment in 1999. With 1,000+ customers and 100+ partnersaround theglobe, our award-winning and industry standard compliant so Management, Demand Response Management and many more - are bolstering global recognition of I-ON brand. 

# Strength 

- Strong market presence in Korea and Japan WCM 
- 20-year exclusive distribution partnership contract with Japanese enterprise SW company 
- Korea's first-to-market WCM 
- Korea's first OpenADR2.0 certified DR(Demand Response) solution inSmartGrid sector 
- 1,000+customers globally 
- Multiple patented and global standard-compliant products 
- EU funded multilateral joint R&D – Eureka Individual, ITEA3

General Information


    Integrated certification system using electronic contract (patented by US, HK, SG, EU) - Red Herring Top 100 Asia Winner 2014 - Listed in Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM 2014 - OpenADR2.0 a/b - Green Certificate (e.Form) - Good Software Certificate
  • Integrated certification system using electronic contract (patented by US, HK, SG, EU) -Red Herring Top 100 Asia Winner 2014 - Listed in Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM 2014 - OpenADR2.0 a/b - Green Certificate (e.Form) - Good Software Certificate


1. Mobile Contract System_e.Form

* Description
e.Form, a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based e-Sginature helps organizations go green and achieve paperless work environment by digitizing traditional paper document based work processes from promotion, consulting to contract.
* Technical Details
– Support face-to-face contract, non-face-to-face contract
– Non-repudiation by timestamp, voice recording, electronic signature, camera
– User authentication via cell phone
– Data encryption
– Configuration on form evaluation, approval process
– Export metadata

2. Content Server_ICS6

* Description
ICS6, a Korea’s first-to-market Content Management solution enables users to create, edit, manage and publish content with little knowledge of web programming languages and helps marketers in the organization to develop and deploy digital content in a more agile and effective way.
* Technical Details
– Java based, 100% web based system
– Interface with external DB, CSV file
– Format conversion into HTML, JSP, ASP, PHP, XML, JSON and email
– Web service based on SOAP, WSDL, UDDI

3. Load Aggregator’s Management System_LAMS

* Description
Korean 1st OpenADR2.0 based Demand Response Management System I-ON LAMS(Load Aggregator’s Management System) is designed to manage electricity consumption, reduce peak demand and encourage people to spontaneously participate in DR(Demand Response) programs. Demonstrated by Intertek, one of worldwide testing laboratories in US, our LAMS has contributed its technology to an energy optimization project led by POSCO ICT interfacing with KPX(Korea Power Exchange) and KEPCO(Korea Electric Power Corporation).
* Technical Details
– RRMSE, CBL calculation
– Gateway data conversion into graph
– Auto billing system
– SMS, email push
– Event log tracking
– Curtailment management       
– Reliable / Economic DR editing



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