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Car jump starter, Wireless Power Charger, Car Side Cameras_(EXCOSMIC CO.,LTD)

Company Summary

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#Company Introduction 
Excosmic Co.,Ltd was founded in 2010 and started with a business model of software development and consulting forpublic institutions or companies. 
It expanded its territory intomanufacturing/trading electronic components related to automobiles in2015. The researchers of Excosmic, based on years of accumulated management know-how, deep expertise and creative human resources, launcheda new brand, the Jumper King car jump starter. The Jumper King is an export flagship product, mainly exported to Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Hong Kong. 
We are hoping to expand to broader markets in 2017. 
This is because there are more car users and a larger market abroad than in Korea. As the population of the world increases, the use of automobile cars, an essential transportation method, is also increasing. Jump starters are absolutely required for second-hand cars, which are more likely experience unexpected battery discharge, but high-tech cars also experience battery discharge due to increased battery usage such as black-boxes, and thus higher demand is expected for jump starters. 
In 2017, the second version, Jumper King eK2 was released. Jumper King eK2 was upgraded so that it can also be widely used as smart phone wireless battery chargers while being able to use as jump starters at any time. For its international advancement, we have not spared investment and effort to acquire patents as well as safety certification. 

Excosmic, with its motto 'Making Life Convenient' andthe sense of vocation, is striving to be a strict company that thinksof safety as well as convenience in daily lives

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