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FOOTFIT_exercise equipment_Human Bridge

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#Company Introduction: 
Human Bridge is a Korean company founded in 2015 to develop and manufacture health equipment. 

The value that the company pursues is to improve the quality of life by providing machines and services that can help people maintain their health and help prevent disease. 

In addition, we will developcompetitive new products and grow into a company specialized in manufacturing comprehensive healthcare equipment. 

#Main Product: 


[Product Description] 

FootFit Improve Blood Circulation Foot Footrest Leg Exerciser Carf Mucsle. 

Let us send pelvic limb blood to the heart!! 

FOOT-FIT, the improvement of pelvic limb blood circulation 

Leg workout which can be done unconsciously while working 

Calf exercise equipment that gives the same effect as walking while sitting 

[ Technical Description ] 
-Size: 380*290*140 (mm) 
-Weight: 900 g 
-Composition: Base, Pedal, shaft, spring, pad 
-Color: Gray 



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