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Flashlight_COBIS Co., Ltd.

MYGEN, Emergency Kit, Generator, Flashlight, Camping Lantern 

#Company Introduction 
COBIS Co., Ltd.(former COAN/Korea Autopia) has produced Winding Machines and high precision Bobbin-less Coils specially since it was established in July 13, 1994, and has supplied special and precision coils for high precision parts. With lots of accumulated coil winding technology, COBIS Co., Ltd. has produced varioustypes and shapes of LF, HF, and UHF tags and cards from year 2002, and supplied very unique and various size of RF Cards, Tags, and Accessories ever since. COBIS Co., Ltd. is a leading company in RF Products for Cards, Tags, Readers, Door Locks, and Equipment which provide our customers variety of solutions. 

#Main Product: MYGEN 

In case of disaster, or emergency situation like as blackout, MYGEN can turn on the light, deliver the latest news, char ge the mobile phone, blow the emergency siren. Moreover, you can recharge the battery, just by handcranking. Beyond the leisure 
equipment, MYGEN is Emergency Kit. 



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