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Educational toys_The Wavelayedu Inc.


#Company Introduction: 
The Wavelayedu Inc. was established in 2011 as a professional company specializing in educational toys, textbooks, tools and ideas. Wehave been developing our own market for generating, producing, and distributing 30 kinds of independently developed patents. 
Since 2012, we have been developing produced and distributed the educational toy products in more than 10,000 children homes and kindergartens in Korea. It has also been exporting to around the world of 10 countries, including China, Russia, Hong Kong, the United States, India, Malaysia and Taiwan. 
Here are the characteristics of the two products that we have been developing, producing and distributing. 

The important material of above-brand is called Wave-bar and is the main component of the WAVEPLAY This bar consists of soft, non-toxic foam rubber and there is coated aluminum into this rubber. Therefore, the wave-bar is soft and makes it easier to customize and easily restored to its original purpose. It is also capable of repeated bending and stretching. This is a product that passed the safety inspection of major certificate such as KC in Korea, China CCC, European CE and US ASTM-F963. 
The highlight of the Wave-bar is that youcan bend, wrap, tie, and form various shapes into your preferences. In addition, by using wave-bar, many products can be produced and created with imagination and creativity, as well as products of everyday life. 
Other components, along with the Wave - bar, coupled with wheels, connectors, and illustrations, can be rendered in a category and expressed in a natural and consistent manner. We expect a lot more to help sales with a richer, more convenient image than traditional do-it-yourself products. 
SOFT BALL BALL is soft when touching with non-toxic PVC material and It is a soft material and a safe toy for children. Within this M BALL, there are magnet modules into each other to make it easy to attach and detach each joint. It isalso possible to use the connection with the WAVE - BAR and Components like wheels , connectors. 
Children can easily be removed soft MBall with magnets and can hear " snap " when attaching them to each other. When they hear this sound, they make fun of their activities andare able to look for image in their heads that look like they imaginein shape. It helps children develop muscle hypertrophy along with their ability to associate with artwork. 
In the process of creating objects with a M BALL, it improves mathematical thinking, understanding and streamlines of each shapes such as the shapes of the triangular,the triangle, the cubic root etc. Making imaginative shapes can enhance creativity, create fun and easily shaped shapes along the textbook,and talk about each other's stories. This is a product that passed the safety inspection of major certificate such as KC in Korea, China CCC, and European CE.. 

#Main Product: 
1)WAVEPLAY W50-A Dinosuars & Vehicles 
WAVEPLAY W50-A Dinosuars & Vehicles
2)WAVEPLAY W150 Wood 

3)WAVEPLAY(WOOD)- Creativity set 
WAVEPLAY(WOOD)- Creativity set

4)SOFT M BALL-C set 


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