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Beauty facial masks, Korean face mask sheets | CJM INTERNATIONAL

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# Main products : Fabric, Essence for Beauty facial masks


CJM Inernational builds a large-scale production system by creating OEM,ODM Cosmetice Centeralization Complex of 67,000㎡ in Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbu-do as a cosmetics manufacturing company.

We bulid an efficient process control and automation system from development of hoof shape to production of complete product as a trusted partner and are making quality management for one-stop production system about fabric, essence and filling pouch.

Mask Pack Cosmetic Centralization Complex which is capable of producing 100 million pieces a month builds clean-environment in accordance with CGMP standard and produce through the strict quality control as the world’s largest production complex.

Hye-Jin Choi / business department/manager

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