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Air purifier_Biocerra Co., Ltd.

Household, Kitchen, Sick House Syndrome, New Car Syndrome, 
Air purifier, Air Cleaner, Mini air cleaner, Ultrafine particles, PM 2.5, filter, bioceramic, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), ocherterra 

# Company Introduction 
Recently, the effects of global warming, yellow dust and smog make the indoor environment worse and lessen the place where people can have fresh air. 
air purifier was created to protect the pure and clean indoor space from the air pollution caused by the changes in nature. The ultra fine dust, particularly, contains the diverse types of noxious heavy metal particles and has a deadly influence on the respiratory organ. Nowadays the nations are getting focused on this fine dust issue. 
air purifier includes bio ceramic filter of which the main materials are bio red clay and active carbon.It obtained the patent that certifies it can clean the airwithout any chemical additives or chemical reactions. 
We want tomake [Ocherterra] air purifier (OTA-101), an eco-friendly air purifier which can prevent ultra fine particles (PM2.5) and sick house syndrome (T.VOC) using bio ceramic filter and water, for the most common form of indoor air purifier for kindergarten or sanatorium. 
Closer way to the nature, 
Clearer future 
Red Clay Air Purifier Ocherterra 

# Main Products 
1. Ocherterra kitchen air purifier / OTA-101S 
Ocherterra kitchen air purifier / OTA-101S
2. Personal Air Cleaner / OTA-201 
Personal Air Cleaner / OTA-201
3. No-power Air Cleaner / OTA-301 
No-power Air Cleaner

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