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steering gear for marine, steering gear for boat | Korea Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems Co.

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# Main products
1) Steering gear for small boat
# Enduser
shipbuilding materials industry for small fishing boats and rubber boats
# Brand Name : Ship’s Steering Gear Systems
# About Korea Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems Co.
Today’s modern vessels require the steering system of the future, which can help reduce the cost of maintenance, increase fuel efficiency. The steering gears of KHPS are designed with one or two electric cylinders which gives a very high degree of safty, reliability and fuel economy effect. The steering gear is supplied with:
-Electric linear actuators(no need hydraulic components such as pump, valve and hoses etc.)
-Reducer with servo-motor
-Tiller with keyway and bolts
The steering angle of a steering gear system immediately occurs when the steering wheel mounted with a encoder is driven.
Korea Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems Co.
Hyun-wook Hong/manager

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