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skin carboxy therapy, Cellulite reduction | JMBIOTECH Co., Ltd

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# Company Introdcution

– The manufacturer and exporter of premium healthcare brands for physicians and patients
– JMBIOTECH Corporation Limited (JMB) is a specialist corporation based in South Korea,dedicated to the research and development (R&D), manufacturing and export of innovative premium healthcare brands for physicians and patients worldwide. JMB was founded with the goal of establishing abiotech corporation exclusively focused on the following healthcare-related fields:
1. TurtlePin – our signature series of innovative dermal delivery devices
2. Medical aesthetic and hair loss therapy programs
3. Post-procedure dermatological care and cosmecuetical brands
4. Dietry supplements
5. Consumer healthcare brands
– JMB was incorporated as an independent subsidiary of Jeilmedix Pharmaceutical Corporation ( in 2009. JMB has merged, acquired and streamlined the core product development and international trade capacities of Jeilmedix Pharmaceutical Co. in order to satisfy the increasing international demand for specialist biotech R&D,customized manufacturing processes and expanding overseasdistributionchannels.
# Main Product
Premium Healthcare Brands for Physicians and Patients
– RIBESKIN: carboxy theraphy (treatment), peeling, fraxel, after laser cream, cooling, anti-wrinkle, etc
– YOJOLADY DREAMFIT: fat reduction, celluite, Gynostemma pentaphyllum, etc
– BRIGHTON WS HOMME: milk thistle extract powder, horse placenta extract concentrate, etc
– BRIGHTON WS: hose placenta extract concentrate, whitening drink, lady drink, innter beatuy, premium horseplacenta drink, etc

                                                                                         CO2 CARBOXY COMBO
Michael Chang / International Manager

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