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Seaweed,Laver_(KyeongCheon Industires Co., Ltd)

# About Company 

The Kyeong-Cheon Food, Keeping and developing the traditional taste, is equipped with latest facility and sanitary production system focused on production of food products filled with devotion of our mother. 
Especially among the products putting priority on taste and quality, Sigol seasoned laver has put on Sigol Sesame Oil and Sigol Perilla Oil that have Squeezed high quality whole sesame seeds (100%) to be roasted twice by carefully selecting only thedelicious and high quality raw seasoned laver (sea weed) with plenty of nutrition from the Sea weed (raw seasoned laver) grown in the cleanareas of the Yellow Sea, South Sea. 
All of the executives and employees at KyeongCheon Food are always making the best effort to produce high quality and delicious products with strict and sanitary quality management. 

# History 
October 11, 1999, established as KyeongCheon Industries Co., Ltd. 
August, 2010, acquired ISO 22000, raw dried Seaweed control system (TTS) management 

# Manufactured Products and Business Conditions 
Manufactured & Sale of Sigol seasoned laver, Sigol Dried Seaweed, Sigol Sesame Oil, Sigol Perilla Oil, Sigol Roasted sesame Seeds and Sigol Seaweed Delivery to large retailers such as E-mart or GS mart Selling to food stores and supermarkets of metropolitan area and provincial area through about 70 agency networks.

# Video 

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