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Optics_(Green Optics Corporation)

# Keyword
SiC Large Optics, Cylinder Lens, Large Optics, IR Optics, Laser Optics, Optics, Optics Design, Lens, Mirror, Windows, Filter, Prism, Coating Service, Assemble, Measurement/Evaluation

# Company Introduction
Green Optics is a corporation with a new approach to optics service to fulfill demands of
customers ranging from the optical and lighting design to actual part manufacture optical system evaluation.
Based on the ability to manufacture optics-related items, Green Optics Corporation has established a firm
foundation in the field of semi-conductor and flat panel display and is currently expanding the scope of
business to energy and bio-related fields -the core element in the next- generation of the optic industry. 
In order to achieve these goals, Green Optics Corporation is participating in the artificial satellite
solar battery optics module consortium as well as operating interdepartmental Task Force Teams(TFT)
to develop microscopes and observation systems for everyday use. 
In order to expand to the overseas market and compete on an international level,
Green Optics has established collaborative partnerships with companies in America, Germany, Japan, Taiwan,
China, and Malaysia, and the young talented employees of 'GO' continue to exert
the greatest efforts to realize the ‘Green’ dream over the entire globe.

# Major Item
Optics parts, optics devices, optics device, energy optics, bio-optics, and medical devices

# Core Technology 
A. SiC Large optics
B. Cylinder Lens / Large optics
C. IR Optics
D. Laser Optics

# Video

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