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Membrane_(Airrane Co., Ltd.)

# Company Introduction 

Airrane were founded in the NRL (National Research Laboratory) formembrane research in Hanyang University in 2001, and have been growing as a specialized company in gas separation membrane. 

Airrane researches on gas separation which has not been fully established anywhere in the world, and develops independent technologies to lead the global market. 
Through hollow fiber membrane for gas separation and its application technologies, Airrane provides innovative products and services to satisfy customer's needs according to changes in our lives and economic environment. 

In addition, to go beyondwhat we have accomplished yet, we will do our best for development ofmembrane which can be applied to various fields, e.g. OBIGGS (On Board Inert Gas Generating System), Biogas, GTL (Gas-to-Liquid), DME (Dimethyl ether) technology, CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) technology, etc. 

# Product Description & Technical Detail 
A. MembraneFor Biogas Upgrading 
- Description 
A number of gas elementsare generated from food waste and livestock excretions, but as most of them are methane and carbon dioxide, they can be supplied to long distance after separation process, and the gas can be used for power generation, furnace, business fuel, vehicles, city gas, etc. Membrane separation process, one of the processes for separation of bio-methane, uses separation membrane to selectively flow specific substances through and separate gas, which uses polymer membrane is commonly used for removal of carbon dioxide in biogas. Airrane Co., Ltd. is developing membrane module and process using hollow fiber which can purify bio-methane to high purity. 

- Technical Detail 
Bio-methane canbe used for energy production, vehicle fuel, insertion to natural gaspipelines, other industrial purposes, and it is receiving more and more attention as an eco-friendly energy source because the substance issame as natural gas from fossil. 
 Airrane Co., Ltd. researches on purification technology to remove moisture, hydrogen sulfide, and siloxane from biogas, mixture of methane and carbon dioxide, and separate methane from carbon dioxide to extract methane with about 98% concentration. 

B. Gas Separation Membrane For N2 Generation 
- Description 
Airrane Co., Ltd.'s membrane module for nitrogen generation is installed in nitrogen generator so that it helps to generate dry nitrogen from compressed air. 

- Technical Detail 
These nitrogen generators consist of regulator, pressure gauge, needle valve, so they do not need unnecessary devices and they are inexpensive. 

C. Gas Separation Membrane For O2 Generation 
- Description 
Airrane Co., Ltd.'s oxygen generating modules are designed to have oxygen purity of 30%. 
 They have merits on the efficiency and the price, so it is possible to apply to various processes and systems. 

- Technical Detail 
Oxygen generators generate oxygen with compressed air using head compressor or vacuum pump. 

D. Membrane Dryer 
- Description 
Dehumidification of compressed air is done by principle of selective penetration of membrane. Water vapor passes through hollow fiber membrane of several bundles which removes water vapor when the air with water vapor flows out from inside the hollow fiber, and dry air can be collected outside.Part of dry air outside of the hollow fiber membrane is injected inside to prevent condensation of vapor and decline of efficiency. 

# Catalogue 

# Video 

# End-user 
e40; Nitrogen / Oxygen Generating System : Food & Beverage, Manufacture Industry, Power Plant, Furnace 
➜ Membrane Dryer : equipments & machinery 
➜ CO2 Injection : Antistatic In Semiconductor & LCD Panel Fabrication 
➜ CO2 Removal : Natural Gas,Flue Gas, Syn-gas 
➜ Biogas Upgrading : CO2 Removal From Anaerobic Digester & Landfill Gas 
➜ OBIGGS : Aircraft & LNG Vessel 
➜ Carbon Capture & Storage : Cement Plant, Power Plant 

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