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#Company Introduction: 
HEALTHTODAY founded in 2008, has gained wide spread recognition for our outstanding specialty in diffusers and candles in Asia. 
Since we have launched 'Cocodor Diffuser' with the top quality and the reasonable price, Cocodor hasbeen beloved by the Korean people. 
With a vision to produce our own fragrances, we conduct research and develop fragrances. We have our own R&D center for our fragrances, and have been producing environment-friendly and harmless fragrances. 
To provide beautiful fragrances at reasonable prices, Our company manages the end to end process from manufacturing to distributing. We also have made partnership with prominent ingredient companies across the world to have more competitive prices. As such, we have invested to provide reasonable prices for our products with a long-term perspective. 
We are always ready to process our customers' request and solve their challenges. We have resources to design and produce products according to our customers' schedule and needs. We produce OEM, ODM for major retail companies in Korea, Taiwan, Russia, etc. 

#Main Product: 

1)cocod'or standard diffuser 
cocod'or standard diffuser
This is a classic representative design that simbolizes the "Cocod'or" diffuser. The fragrance ismade with a non-alcohol base to make it easy on the nose and safety. The unit contains 200 ml and the strength of the fragrance is controlled by using one or more of the 5 included lead sticks.

2)cocod'or preserved-flower diffuser 
cocod'or preserved-flower diffuser
This product is our Preserved Flower Diffuser. The flowers will last for up to three years. The real flowers make the space vivid and the color of the flowers match the fragrance which makes the interior gorgeous. 

3)cocod'orcar diffuser 
cocod'or car diffuser
This product is a comfortable diffuser in your car, a diffuser popular with consumers who want to create their own scent. It can be used by hanging or plugging in the vents of the vehicle and it comes in 8ml and 30ml. 

4)cocod'or premium jar candle 
cocod'or premium jar candle
This product is a premium fragrance candle which uses acertified eco palm wax made in Italy. You can feel the luxury of thisproduct starting with the packaging. You can also enjoy the reasonable price which is 2 to 3 times cheaper than other companies. 



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