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Lightning protection, air terminal_(OMNI LPS Co., Ltd.)

# Company Introduction 

- Established in 1997, OMNI LPS has been a leading provider of lightning protection system in Korea. 
With a vision of developing products that are world number 1 in their category, we are continuing our investment in lighting arresters, EMP and EMC/EMI, SPD, grounding system, high-voltage laboratory (KOLAS and TÜV) and R&D center. 

OMNI LPS stand firm as a leading Korean company in the field of power system – we will endeavor to become a world leading name in protecting the property of all those around the world. 

- Major Business Area 

• Research on Protection against lightning and Grounding Systems and SPD 
• Manufacturing Lightning Air Terminals and Perlite Carbon Ground Modules 
• Consulting for lightning protection systems 
• International activities such as attending IEC TC -81(lightning protection systems) andTC-64(Electrical Installation) as a member of Technical committee 

# Product Description & Technical Detail 
1. Bipolar Conventional Air Terminal 
- Description 
The conventional Franklinlightning rod intercepts the lightning, induces the lightning currentand discharges the lightning current into the ground. At the moment when the lightning hits the building, the transient overvoltage causes damages to sensitive electric appliance like the communication equipments, computers, and even people's lives. 
The Bipolar ConventionalAir Terminal dramatically reduced the probability of lightning strikewith corona discharge. When the thundercloud approaches, it removes the conditions for the lightning strikes by discharging the electric charges in advance, which therefore prevents all kinds of accidents caused by direct lightning strikes, and secures human life safety. (Patents of Invention in Korea and abroad, Designated as Korea New Technologyand New Electrical Technology by Ministry of Knowledge Economy, 3 papers published in IEEE Journal). It obtained UL Certification. 

- Technical Detail 
Bipolar conventional air terminal is installed to discharge and dissipate the electric field on earth in advance. 
Because the lightning conditions are fundamentally removed through discharging the earth electric charge in advance at a thundercloud approach, various accidents due to direct lightning stroke can be prevented and safety conditions could be improved. 
a.Absorbing part :Brass (diameter : 40, height : 15) 
b.Polymer insulator : EDPM 
c.Corona discharge division(2nd part) : Copper plate with nickel and chrome. 
d.Electrostatic inductor copper plate : 0.5t x 176 
e.Corona discharge division(1st part) : Cylinder made of super high grade stainless steel(304) 
f.Terminal base : (connecting a grounding conductor 

Design Method 
Bipolar Conventional air terminals is designed to apply NFPA 780 $ IEC 62305. 

2. Perlite Carbon Ground Module 
- Description 
Perlite Carbon GroundModules connect telecommunication devices, electric measurement devices, lightning protectiondevices 
and electric power equipments to ground electrically so that it can flow surge current caused by power system fault or 
lightning into ground. 
The Carbon(Graphite) ground module is composed of non-metal minerals and electrolyte with relatively high electrical conductivity and stability. It could be usedfor the lightning protection of building, static electricity prevention grounding. AC grounding, DC grounding, safety protection grounding and other grounding purposes. 
Applied area: Grounding for lightning protection, incoming panel, distribution panel, industrial systems line, wireless communication protection and etc. 

- Technical Detail 
The Perlite Carbon Ground Module is made of graphite, Perlite (pearlstone) and vermiculite. It flows lightning currents into ground rapidly. It has high-durability to prevent damages from lightning currents or external shocks and it is easy to deliver for its light weight. 

a. This product is semi-permanent, anti-pollution, anti-corrosion and nontoxic. 
b. Resistance doesn't get to rise even by repeated strong lightning current. There isno hardening,breakage or crumbling. 
c. This product performs better than the normal ground resistance reducing agents. 
d. This product doesn't appear any property change with the temperature. 
e.This product can obtain the low resistivity by the earth surface construction in the rocky area of the mountain top. 

3. Explosion Proof SPD (Surge Protective Device) 
- Description 
As the induced lightning gets through an outside cable or electric wire, it may damage the high tech and high priced electronic equipments. When lightning strikes a building, the induced lightning could be generated through outside cable or electric wires causing in damages to communication equipments or sensitive electric devices such as computers. Accordingly, there needs to be a device to cut off inductive lightning surge. 
Install surge protective device cutting off inductive lightningof each equipment. Classified protection criteria applied. 

- Technical Detail 
* Explosion-proof housing 
- Explosion-proof Level : EX d II B T6 pressure-resistant explosion-proof structure 
- IP Protection Level: IP66 
- Material : Aluminum alloy 

* Performance of Surge Protective Devices 
Power•communication integrated Surge Protective Devices 
Surge Protective Devices for power (KS C IEC 61643-11 standard applied) 
- Class IIimp 20kA combination type 
- 3-phase 4-wire type 380/220V 
- Up : L-N 3.5kV, N-PE 2.5kV 
- Phase voltage / Surge counter/ Volume of Surge Current/ Fault Indicator/ Temperature 
of Varistor/ Event time memory 

Surge protective devices for communication (KS C 61643-21 standard applied) 
- DC 24V 
- Category C2 6kV / 3kA 
- 6 power lines (12 communication lines) 
- Fault Indicator / Surge counter / Event time memory 

# Catalogue 

# Video 

# End-user 
Power supply, transmission system, airport, military base, radar system, communication system, hospital, railway, high rise buildings, gas(oil) storage etc.

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