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Industrial CCTV, Marine CCTV, fire-gas detection monitoring system | CMI-BARTEC. Co., Ltd

SEACAM, Intelligent video fire detection, CCTV, Wireless CCTV, Crane, Fire detection, IoT, gas detection, monitoring, IR Camera, Fire Detection, Gas Detection System, wireless crane cctv, Marine CCTV
# Main products
1) Intelligent Fire and Gas Detection System is a system
2) SEACAM Marine CCTV Solution
3) Wireless Crane CCTV Solution

SEACAM Maine CCTV Solution
# Application
marine, offshore, onshore, plant, CCTV system
# Brand Name : SEACAM
# Catalogue
# About CMI-BARTEC. Co., Ltd
CMI BARTEC Co. Ltd is an Intelligent disaster safety and security solution manufacturing and engineering company.
The leading specialist of camera and monitor system.
– Industrial CCTV system manufacturing and engineering for ship, port.
– Intelligent image fire detection system in building, Industrial plant.
– IOT based hazardous gas detection and monitoring system.
– Wireless cctv image system for Cranes.
# Strengths / Features
1. The CCTV system for ships and ports is composed of CCTV for dust, waterproof and explosion proof suitable for marine environment.
2. Intelligent video fire detection system detects flame, smoke, abnormal temperature rise by using general CCTV image and thermal image.
Hyung-seok Lee / Team Manager

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