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Herbal Feminine hygiene Products_(Welcron healthcare Co., Ltd.)

# Company Introduction 

Established in 2002 as a manufacturing company of Yejimiin, has succeeded in female sanitary pad industry by inventing innovative products of oriental herbal sanitary pads using 5 Korean premium herb ingredients for the first time in Korea. Before Yejimiin launched, women used to regard sanitary pads just as a necessary goods for period. However Yejimiin has made women consider their health and deodorizing,which became key factors they highly regard when choosing sanitary pads now. Since the foundation, Yejimiin has been trying to satisfy women's various demands with High-quality products. We are always open to speak with a single customer and potential distributor in order to provide better goods. 
In addition, it has launched a cosmetics brand'Cellmiin' with a lineup of moisturizing and anti-pollution products.By entering the cosmetics field, the company has gained its position as a specialized brand for women's products. 

# Product Description 
A.Cellmiin Filaggrin Hydration Series [Lotion / Cream /Cleanser] 
-Jelly fish protein and Bean protein activates the Filaggrin inside the skin to regenerate the skin barrier. 
-The active ingredient of Filaggrin and liposome ceramide maximize the moisturizing effect. 
-Hypoallergenic formula for sensitive skin strengthens the moisturizing barrier of skin. 
-[Free-Dimethicone], a chemical component that may irritate sensitive skin. 

B.Cellmiin Mask Sheet 
Milk Peeling Mask sheet 
-Eco-friendly fabric sheet containing natural protein mildly cares even sensitive skin 
-Key ingredients of Milk Toning Peel gently remove dead cells and make skin milky, moist and smooth (Functional cosmetics for whitening). 
D-tox Mask sheet 
-Deep cleansing with fine bubbles / Cleansing sheet absorbing waste / Wash-off type 
-Specially processed sheet enabling deep cleansing by absorbing fine waste and harmful substances that may irritate skin. 

Volume-Up De-aging Mask sheet 
-Dual functional cosmetics for whitening and wrinkle decline 
-Hydro embo-sheet helps to lift skin. 

Calamine Mud Mask sheet 
-The adhesive sheet applying pearl powder coating technique helps to enhance skin resilience by gently surrounding skin. 
-Containing calamine, with a distinguished ability to absorb waste and sebum. 

Vita ACE Vitality Mask sheet 
-By adding Vitamin E to a special sheet applying a temperature sensitivity technique throughwhich patterns disappear depending on skin temperature, the active ingredients of the essence are more effectively delivered to the skin. 

C. Yejimiin Herbal Sanitary pad Series 
Known as the first herbal sanitary pad in Korea, Yejimiin made significant difference of its functional(deodorizing) sanitary pad with general non-herbal market. This line up keep expanding its market based on its high quality, unique feature of Korean herb and such preference of Korean culture. 

D. Hot Fomentation pad Organic 
The traditional remedyof hot fomentation has been adapted to simple and modernized way in hot fomentation pad. The blood circulation improvement and skin temperature increase was clinically tested. Especially popular in Japan, annual export amount is more than 1million USD. 

E. TENCEL Sanitary pad Series 
TENCEL is made from extract of the Eucalyptus tree, which is 100% natural fiber with soft touch, high absorption and anti-bacterial function. This is the unique sanitary pad in the world that is using TENCEL. 

F. Cotton Sanitary pad Series 
100% cotton cover touching your skin will make you safe and comfortable! 
This line includes sanitary pads and panty liners. 

# Catalogue 

# Video 

# End-user 
Cosmetic, Skin care, Personal care in beauty store like Drugstore, Cosmetic store, Esthetic shop andmart. 

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