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Heating film_(Seggi Century Co., Ltd.)

# Company Introduction 

Seggi Century Co., Ltd.has been manufacturing and selling the best products of heating film, "HEAT PLUS All coated film" and "HEAT PLUS stripe type film"for years, and has become a leader in the new concept heating industry. HEAT PLUS is 50% cheaper than oil boiler, an economical heating that does not require extreme maintenance and repair costs, and is very simple to install as the construction is done by inserting it between floor-covering materials and insulators. 

In addition, it isa quiet, clean and safe heatingwith no worry about accidents. 

It has been recognized for its excellence in products as ISO9001 certified, ISO14000 certified, CE certified and UL certified, and is being exported to Russia, China, Germany, Czech Republic and other countries. Especially, we are the only domestic company that exports a heating film to Japan. 

# Product Description & Technical Detail 
A. HEAT PLUS Stripe type heating film 
- Description 
The HEAT PLUS stripe type film is stronger and more stabilized product comparing to transparent PET film of other makers as it uses ivory colored insulation PET film. 

- Technical Detail 
Heat plus stripe coated type film prevents spark in electrode by special design of silver electrode. 

B. HEAT PLUS All coated heating film 
- Description 
The HEAT PLUS all coated film is a special fabric laminated with exterior PET (double layer) and middle stiff material. It is specially waterproofed to prevent contact with air and moisture, so it can be used semi-permanently for future oriented wall, ceiling, floor heating. 

- Technical Detail 
A multi-layer composite film combining the PET film which is insulative, flame retardant, and waterproof with a fiber material that is excellent in stiffness and shrinkage expansion after applying carbon as a heating element to the PET base film and forming electrodes with silver and copper foilon both sides. It is a high-techcoated heating element with excellentheat resistance. 

# Catalogue[Seggi%20Century]English%20Catalogue.pdf

# Video 

# End-user 
Home heating system, Building heating system, Condominium heating system, Hotel heating system, Hospital heating system, School heating system

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