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Heat Exchanger, Plate Heat Exchanger | FROST Co., Ltd.

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# About FROST 
Hello. Thank you for your discovery of Heat Exchanger specializing in heat exchangers. We strive to realize customer satisfaction in the modern society with the help of energy shortage inmodern society, the development of new products in the modern world, and the realization of " realization of customer ideas " based on the accumulated technology and know-how of the entire business (industry, food, shipbuilding and frozen sectors), and we strive to become more successful. 

# Main product 
Refrigerant Vs Fluid(Gas,Liquid) 
Water Vs Fluid(Liquid) 
Oil Vs Water 
Gas Vs Gas, Gas Vs Liquid
Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger                                                                          BRAZED PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER

# Product Description 
- Water Vs Fluid(Liquid) 
Working pressure/Temperature range : Max 2Mpa / 250
Fluid fluid:Water,Oil,Brine(cond%,etc fluid 
Available materials:SUS304,SUS316L 
Used filler:C1220,Nickel 
Usage use:ater thermal vents for hot water, cooling tower circulation, swimming pool, food for food, etc. 

- Oil Vs Water 
model: Module type Tube cooler 
Working pressure/Temperature range : Max 1.1Mpa / 100
Available materials:SUS304,SUS316L 
Used filler:C1220,Nickel 
Usage use:Oil cooler lamp for deceleration 

- Refrigerant Vs Fluid(Gas,Liquid) 
Working pressure/Temperature range : Max 4Mpa / 150
Fluid fluid:R-140A,R-134a, Nh3,Libr2(cond%),R245yf, etc 
Available materials:SUS304,SUS316L 
Used filler:C1220 
Usage use:Evaporator, condenser, superheater,CasCode etc

FROST Co., Ltd.

Myoung-Hee Kim / Board Member

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