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Hatch cover, Air ventilation | M.T.KOREA Co., Ltd

Hatch cover, Air ventilation, weather proof, Louver air vent, container ship, bulk carrier ship, window for ship, Louver ventilation, Valve, Fan, Instrument, Gauge, Transmitter, Pipe spool, Pressure vessel, Heat exchanger, Duct heater, Pipe clamp, V.A.V system, Damper, Humidifier, Oil separator, Filter dryer 

# Main Product 
Q.A.V (Quick Action Vent) 
- Shipbuilding & Marine business: system engineering, steel outfit 
- Plant Construction 
- Commercial Business 
- ESCO: ESCO Business, Items for funding 
Steel outfit / Louver Air Vent. for Hatch Cover
# Application 
Hatch cover for container & bulk carrier ship, Accommodation area 


# Catalogue 

# About M.T.KOREA CO.,LTD. 
M.T.Korea is a hidden champion company which have been supplying field devices, instrument and components of HVAC system with the highest technical and know-how. Nowadays we are successfully supplying our products fabricated based on ASME U, U2 and PP stamps for offshore, marine and plant business field. 
We moved our head office to Hwajeon industrial estate in 2014. And we have built basis for our future business by establishing 2nd and 3rd factory in Noksan industrial estate and Mieum. We are doing our utmost for customer satisfaction with our high qualified product with management innovation and technical development. Especially, we are reinforcing ethical management to build up our business trust. We appreciate your interest in M.T.Korea. We promise that we do our best to grow up to be No.1 company in the world and we will share stabilized and advanced technology with you.
Eui-Jong Lee / General Manager

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