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# Company Introduction 
As one of the leading cosmetic manufacturers in Korea, Company is specialized in Hair Colors, HairCares and BodyCares. 

One of the remarkable achievements made by Company is One Minute HairColor that has been expanding its world market rapidly since its first debut in 2007. 

This permanent haircolor is not only very speedy but also of many other advantages ; minimized hair damages ; hair becoming mild and smooth just after coloring ; od or less by ammonia-free;etc. 

Its genuine effects of unrivalled speed as well as excellent hair-treatment are already patent registered in Korea and U.S. 

# Product Description 
A. Mongmulmori 1min hair color cream 

Being very mild and gentle due to ammonia-free and botanical extracts contained. 
-Require just 1minute waiting time after applying on to hair completely. 
-Cause minimized damagesto hair & scalp by shorter waiting-time and lower pH degree(pH9.7 vs conventional products pH 10.5 to 11.0) with normal 6% hydrogen peroxide. 
-Helps hair turn smoother and milder after coloring due to genuine treatment effects. 
-Being safe from the most stringent hygiene regulations because it does not contain any questionalble ingredients such as m-Phenylendiamine, Toluene-2, 5 Diamine Sulfate, etc. 
-Patent registered for its genuine mechanism of high-speed and hairtreatment effect: Korea patent no. 10-633439, US patent no.7416566. 
 - The damages of scalp and hair will be recovered immediately and you can feel your hair becoming more soft by compond composition of nutural material. 
 - It is a type of bubble. 1minute hair color cream with automatic mixing, so you don't need to mix it, so you can use it easily and quickly. 

-Whitening& Antiwrinkle 
-Skin Calming(Charcoal Sheet) 

Total 6 pcs in 1set(2 sheets for each function) 

This quasi-drug itemis proved by Food and Drug Administration as the prescription is based on natural extracts which care intensively sensitive scalp and hair.Impurities are gently and thoroughly removed by foam shampoo. Also itmakes the hair elastic and it is very effective for hair loss prevention, hair growth as well as anti-dandruff efficacy. 

# Catalogue 


# End-user 
Drug store, Hair salons, Supermarket, department store, Mask pack store, customer who want todye hair. anywhere sell hair dying, mask pack, or body care etc.

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