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functional vegetables_(Jeil Seed Co., Ltd.)

# Main products : Functional vegetables 
1) Dang Jo Pepper 
2) Anti-Cancer Korean Cabbage 
3) Anti-Cancer SSamchae 


# Catalogue

# Wechat ID : forshlove 

# About Jeil Seed Bio Co., Ltd 
How old do you think your life? Global Time magazine, reported: 'Now the world is the times of 100 age'. 
Prevention is more important than treatment, and we have developed a seed that meets the times of 100 age. 
 It is functional vegetable, called Dang Jo Pepper and Anticancer Korean Cabbage. JEIL SEEDis always growing and changing according to the change. Jeil Seed Co.was founded in 1978. since then, Jeil Seed Co. has been making utmostefforts to breed superior seed under the slogan, "the only way for usto thrive is to breed high quality varieties that can compete with other companies in the world market." In order to develop excellent varieties, we have been investing heavily in the field of R&D every year. Jeil Seed's goal is to provide excellent functional seeds to make a healthier world. Therefore, we have been making continuous efforts to breed the functional vegetables to promote human health such as anticancer korean cabbage and Dang Jo mild sweet peppers and so on. 
 We promise to take a leading role to develop superior varieties which farmers, customers, or anyone can pride on, and ultimately becoming the driving force in developing the world agriculture. With company's commitment, we are convinced that Jeil Seed Co. would be the best seeds company in the world developing the most superior seeds ahead of other company. I would like th thank the farmers and customers who are giving our company full support. 
 And again, I give you my word to do thebest to breed superior functional seed. 

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