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Freeze Dried Fruits_(Troonature Co., Ltd.)

# Company Introduction 

Beginning as a manufacturer of freeze-dried infant formula since 2003, we now also produce freeze-dried fruit and vegetable products in response to customer needs, and continually persue new potential products. Although we are a small-sized food processing company, we are proud of our reputation as an HACCP- & ISO-certified Freeze-Dried Food Manufacturer in South Korea. Our factory is located in oneof the cleanest environmental areas of South Korea, making it well suited to food manufacturing. 

We seek to be the go-to solution for customers looking for healthy options. We will never compromise the quality of our products, and hold ourselves to the same food quality standards as would a mother looking to feed her own family. Ourproducts are made of all-natural ingredients harvested and secured attheir peak seasons, and processed in their most natural states with zero additives or preservatives. Our goal is to provide nature itself as a convenient food product for health-conscious families, and our pursuit for the best quality foods will never stop. 

# Product Description & Technical Detail 
1. TROO Natural Seasoning Tablet 
Only fresh and wholesome raw ingredients are carefully selected, preserving the most nutritional content through freeze-drying. This is an easy seasoning for various recipes, and is free of any synthetic preservatives, sodium glutamate ("MSG"), or artificialflavors. 

-Technical Detail 
Freeze-drying is a technical method of drying food after freezing rapidly to below -40 degrees Celsius. The process is expensive but the utmost nutrition is maintained and available for long-term storage. It contains 16 natural ingredients in each tablet and maintains the taste and nutritional content ofthe raw ingredients. 

2. TROO Freeze Dried Fruits 
As a nutritious snack, this is ideal for a variety of consumers, including for babies' first fruits, children and youths studying hard, office workers and housewives tired from overwork, and especially the elderly as the fruits melt softly without the need for chewing. All the family can enjoy this healthy and convenient snack optionanytime, anywhere. 

-Technical Detail 
Freeze-drying ina drying method in which the original fruit is rapidly frozen and sealed within a vacuum, forcably extracting the freezing moisture from the fruit. Consequently, the method does not apply any heat to the original fruit in the drying process, and this technical process preserves the nutrition, taste, fragrance, color, and shape of the original fruit, while greatly reducing spoilage. 

# Catalogue 

# Video 

# End-user 
baby, toddler, children

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