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Foldable Water Bottle_(VITDAM CO., LTD.)

# Company Introduction 
VITDAM has manufactured and distributed safe and convenient household appliances based on its extensive manufacturing knowhow in semiconductors and electrical equipment for nearly two decades. We havecontinued to promote R&D activities to develop a better product dan have distributed environmentally-friendly electric ranges that can substitute for inconvenient, dangerous gas ranges. Vitdam has developed manufactured and sold Eco-friendly foldable water bottles which is useful in your daily life and outdoor activities since 2015. 

# Main product 
foldable water bottle (500ml, 700ml, 860ml) 

# Product Description 
VITDAM bottle uses a new material that completely blocks the BPA componenet , so it does not smell from water . It is a new concept water bottle that protects adults and children from BPA ingredients safely. VITDAM water bottle seeks small practice to protect the beautiful earth by reducing the use of PET bottles . It is new concept folding water bottle that can be poured by got water orfrozen with water , and can be easily washed. VITDAM bottle bring a change of leisure, sports, and life. Also You can fold it down to one-twentieth the size and carry it in your pocket. 

# Technical Detail 
VITDAM water bottle is odorless , germ-free , environmentally friendly wellness water bottles without BPA. The best vitdam bottle for outdoor!


# Catalogue

# End-user 
sports water bottle, leisure water bottle, Water bottle for a picnic, Climbing water bottle,

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