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Data Recovery_(Myung Information Technologies Co.,Ltd.)

# Company Introduction 

MIT is ranked #5 in the world with regards to our exceptional success with data recovery & we transferthe data recovery technology. Our other services include the repair of LCD panels, HDD, Industrial equipments, etc. And MIT exports HDD & SSD. Our global business network currently consists of 10 Korean branchoffices and product division in China(Suzhou & Tianjin), Vietnam(Hochimin) where all of our 400 employees are filled with vision and pride in our technology. 
We strive to meet our valuable customers expectations and give our best efforts to be a "World Class Service and Repair Company" 
We thank all of our loyal customers for their loyal patronage and look forward to a bright future of continued service ahead. 

# Product Description & Technical Detail 
A. (1) Data Recovery , (2) Data Recovery Technology Transfer 
(1) Data recovery due to loss of data stored in various storage devices 
(2) D/R, Forensic, Data Backup, Data Delete, CCTV D/R, etc 

-Technical Detail 
(1) World's Highest Technology 
(2) Class 100 Clean room 
(3) 80% Data Recovery Rate 
(4) Data Recovery Research Team 

B. (1) LCD Repair (2) Repair Equipment Export (3) Technology Transfer 
- Description 
Repair allfailed displays: regardless Size, Maker, Model 

- TechnicalDetail 
(1) World Best Display Repair Company 
(2) Plant Export: Clean Room Construction+Equipment Export 
+Technology Transfer 

C. HDD & SSD Export 
- Description 
Desktop & Laptop Computer's Mounted with auxiliary memory 

- Technical Detail 
(1) Special SSD: Industrial, custom, military, special purpose 
(2) General HDD & SSD export: Brand New, Refurb, Used 
(3) Export various hard-to-find storage devices: Old Model storages 

# Video 

# End-user 
1. Government and Major Government Administration 
2. Major Corporate + and Foreign Corporate Companies + All Corporate Companies 
3. All general customers using computers and mobile phones

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