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Cooking Oil_(SERIM CO., LTD.)

# Company Introduction 

"The world into the forest". 
SERIM CO., LTD. which established in 1970 and we are putting lots ofeffort to give pleasure and happiness and create a bright society. Serim Co., Ltd. always try to keep its principles and fundamental as itsstandard, also Serim Co., Ltd. always put our best effort on every products that we produce and sell considering affects to our customer's health, life and environment. 

Serim Co., Ltd. will maximize customer satisfaction and make a beautiful combination of meeting with our customers. Moreover, Serim Co., Ltd. will design and create the eco-friendly living culture. 

Serim food business division which was established in 1996,South Korea's only extraction and refining facility of rice bran oil and after 4 years of research effort, produced the first product for retail sales in 2000. We are specialized and sole manufacturing companyin Korea equipped with latest and largest production facilities in own production factory at Jung-eup city (Jeonbuk), having wide breadbaskets in 2003. 

Factory scale 
- Area 26,215m^2 
- Building space 8,332m^2 
Producing capacity 
- Fresh Bran Input: 240MT / day 
- Oil Refining : 50MT / day 

Serim GRP water tank division is established in 1994, which started to produce plastic bags and plasticcontainers for the first time in Korea, it has produced over a hundred patents and utility models related to water tanks based on 40 years of plastic manufacturing know-how. 
Serim GRP water tank division (Hi-Tank) is a specialized company of SMC / STS water tank which has been exported to 19 countries by transferring patent, design and construction technology from Young sung industrial Co., Ltd. which took overLG Chem's water tank business in 2011. 

Factory scale 
- Area 12,259m^2 
- Building space 3,438m^2 

# Product Description & Technical Detail 
* High smoking point up to 250(c) 
* Non-GMO 
* Zero - Cholesterol 
* Zero – Trans Fat 
* Containing Gamma-oryzanol 
* Creating ideal fat-acid recommended by 
* Direct manufacturing in domestic 

-Technical Detail 
Rice bran means ground mixture of fruit skin, seed coat, and aleuron layer which is creating while polishing the rice bran to make cleaned rice.

- Observing the nutrient component of rice, it is composed of 29% on rice bran, 66% on embryo bud of rice, and 5% on rice. 

- The rice adequate nutrient component of rice bran helpsgood blood circulation, activting the natural healing system, and makes proper alkalic remaining in the blood and discharge waster and harmful metal in our body. 

Hi Tank is the most ideal water tank that is harmonized with world-class technology in water tank design and with perfect construction based on long experience. You can store clean water for a long time and be assured of the use with the Hi Tank and rest assured with systematic quality management. 

-Technical Detail 
Hi Tank provides customers the most satisfaction through the highly accumulated 
technique approved by the PSB Certificate of Singapore, the WRAS Certificate of 
the UK. One-time installation brings you the lifetime satisfaction. We provide you 
the best product in the light of your eyes and mind. 

A conceptual tank born from the long experience and research of SSERIM GRP WATER TANK BUSINESS DIVISION which always pays its top priority to clean environment and human health improvement. 

We enhanced its anti-bacterial capability by adding inorganic anti-bacterial materials to common SMC Panel. 

-Technical Detail 
Non-poisonous anti-bacterial metal(Ag) in Zeolite carrier Characteristic difference fromorganic anti-bacterial agents 

- Stable in high temperature 
- No volatility and eruption 
- Long lasting of anti-bacterial capacity 
- A natural and environment-friendly material 
that has been used for the purity and 
freshness of water because of it's 
anti-bacterial function and far infrared ray 

SERIM GRPWATER TANK BUSINESS DIVISION is a specialized water treatment companyfocusing on water tanks business, as well as water purifiers and filters. 
It is water tank brand, SR TANK-II was newly developed by SERIM and the reliability and technology have been increasing by continuous R&D. 

-Technical Detail 
Pursuing the world-vest quality and technology 

- Hygienic material 
High resistance to corrosion by using Stainless Steel 400 series 
- Most advanced method of construction 
Panel assembly type: Easy & speedy construction Non-welded(Bolting) type. 
- Reliable structure 
- 3 Layer insulation(Option) 
- Free capacity Design 


# Video 

# End-user 

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