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Aerosole_(GS Chem Co., Ltd.)

# Company Introduction 

-Global Chemicals OEM / ODM Company 
-Korea No 1 Total Aerosol Solution Provider 
 -Very new factory based on CGMP (Completed in 2017) Aerosol can factory inhouse 

GS Chem is specialized in manufacturing OEM / ODM aerosol products such as cosmetic, household, car care and industrial products. We export wide range of aerosol products and package to all over the world on the basis of high technologies and 40 years know-how in aerosol industry. 
We are manufacturing safe and clean aerosol products by establishing CGMP production and high level of quality assurance systems. 
We are trying our best and taking full responsibility for our customers as a total aerosol supporter through constant technical development and value creation. 


# Product Description & Technical Detail 
A. Facial Mist 
Apply for dry face and skin. 
Keep moisturizingto the body. 

-Technical Detail 
1. Extra fine spray pattern. 
2. Use Bag on Valve.(Valid for 360 degree spraying) 
3. Propellant : Nitrogen 

B. Cleansing Foam 
Cleansing & Shaving Foam. 

-Technical Detail 
1. Foam type multi-Cleansing&Shaving spray. 
2. Propelloant : CO2 

C. UV Sun Spray 
1. UV Cut Spray 
2. Transparent solution. No sticky texture. 

-Technical Detail 
SPF 50+ , PA ++++ 

D. Hair Spray 
Contains nano-peptide and natural ingredients. 
Maintian the hair style long 

-Technical Detail 
1. Natural Hair styling with strong setting power without sticky feelings. 
2. Performing hair style as you wish and it lasts longer. 
3. Protect hair with rose hip extract nano-silk peptide. 

E. Deodorant 
Maintain feeling fresh all day without irritating freshly shaved skin. 

-Technical Detail 
Up to 48-hour antiperspirant protection. 
Quick dry and prevent skin irritation. 

F. Shaving Foam 
Offers a rich, thickshaving foam and maximizes razor to glode over the skin smoothly. 

-Technical Detail 
Help shaving with abundant bubble and protect skin from irritating. 

G. Sun Roll 
Protect skin from UVA/UVB 
No sticky, oily texture 

-Technical Detail 
SPF 50+ PA +++ 

H. Clay Pack 
Mousse pack of Clay Formulation 

-Technical Detail 
1. Cleansing and moisturize skin. 
2. Clay is contained pouch so it is stable and safe. 

I. Essence Mousse 
Give moisture and soothing effiect 

-Technical Detail 
1. Brighten and moisturize skin 
2. Propellant : CO2 

J. Lubricant Spray 
Permeate into metal surface and makes movement. 
smooth by removing and preventing rust. 

-Technical Detail 
1. It permeates intoeither bicycle or chain of motorcycle and hinge of door and gives lubrication and intenerates motion. 
2. Take away primitive rust and antirust. 

K. Tire Cleaner 
Clean and shine tires. 
Protects tires from wearing down or hardened. 

-Technical Detail 
1. Simply clean tire by spraying 
2. Make tires revert to their natural color and clean it at the same time. 
3. Make tires shiny and elevate a good look of the car. 
4. Protects tire by preventing wearing down and hardening. 

L. Sticker & Tar Cleaner 
1. Simply remove stickersand asphalt tar. 
2. Remove sticky stains clearly 

-Technical Detail 
Remove pollutants such as sticky stains, tar, pitch 

M. Car Airconditioner Cleaner 
Remove bad odor and germs inside of the air 

-Technical Detail 
1. With its 360-degree rotating nozzle, it removes bad odor and germs by cleaning dust and mildew that are stuck onthe cooling fins inside the air conditioner. 
2. Air conditioner or heater is completely cleaned by spraying and it takes only 5 ~ 10 minutes to dry up and ventilated. 

O. Oven Cleaner 
Remove grease and grime powerfully 

-Technical Detail 
1. Removes baked on deposits without scrubbing or scratching 
2. No scraping, scrubbing, or chiseling. Its powerful grease cutting formula works quickly, even on crusted-on foods 

P. Shoes Deodorizer 
Deodorize inside of the shoes and kill bacteria 

-Technical Detail 
1. Keep from getting moldy and remove bacteria 
2. Eliminate bad odor of shoes with sterilization 
ingredient approved by FDA and silver-nano particles. 

Q. Fire Extinguisher 
Extinguish the fire with quick and convenient handling 

-Technical Detail 
1. It does not leave any contaminants or traces on clothes, documents, household appliances. No worries about break-down or contamination of electronic device because it is not laded stream and foam type extinguisher 
2. Less residual gas and toxic gas emission after suppression of fire 

R. Water-proof Spray 
Protect fabric or textile from water, mud ect. 

-Technical Detail 
Protects from rain, mud, water and so on 
Use foroutdoor wear, Ski wear, Tent, Shoes, Umbrella ect. 

S. Pure natural air freshener 
Refreshing the air andremove a bad smell 

-Technical Detail 
Eliminates all unpleasant odors. It will bring instant freshness and leaves a subtle touch of natural fragrance. It is an ideal product for cleaning away the unpleasant odors. 

T. Long term Wax Coating Spray 
Form strong Wax film on surface of machine and metal device that needs long term protection and rust preventative. 

-Technical Detail 
1. Have long-term protection for 2~3 years inside and 1~2year outside. 
2. Strong at electrical insulation and water repellency. 
3. No contain chlorinated Solvent and silicone.Very low effect to surface of material. 

U. Zinc Rich Primer 
Corrosion proof and rustproof painting effect. 

-Technical Detail 
1. Rust proof and able to use as paint 
2. Able to paint colors on almost everything sprayed with Zinc Rich Primer 
 3. Suitable for repair paintings because it is similar in color to the Zinc galvanizing 

V. Mold Cleaner 
Clean and polish the mold products. 

-Technical Detail 
It is used for machine part, machine tool, electric appliance, metal, factory facility without physical effect. 

W. Poly Urethane Foam 
Polyurethane foam expansion and adhesiveness is excellent to fill various gaps, empty sprace and cracks perfectly and also, it presents outstanding quality for multiple properties such as thermo-keep, insulation and sound-proof. 

-Technical Detail 
Excellent insulation, blocking vibration and noise transferring, powerful adhesiveness. 

X. Macro-Check 
Changes invisible fine cracks into visible red-colored cracks enabling you to check all cracks. 

-Technical Detail 
1. Easy to figure out some cracks which can not be found with the naked eye by raising red color. 
2. Use any object regardless of materials and shapes 

Y. Macromagna 
Micro Magna Paint 

-Technical Detail 
When you want to detect with the normal magnetic particle, spray paint on the surface of the object that needs to be tested. 

Z. Fire Alam 
Detect Fire smoke. 
Acquired type approval from Korea Fire Institute. 

-Technical Detail 
1. Improve to detecting sensor for Fire smoke. 
2. Reduce malfunction from dust and other foreign substance. 

# Catalogue 

# Video 

# End-user 
Cosmetic, Personal care, Household, Car Care, Gift, Consumer Goods, Industrial goods (Construction, Ship Building, Power plant, Machinery)

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