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Wood Paint_Wood Magic_Korea Sealing INDUSTRIAL CO.,

# Keywords:
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# Company Introduction
Korea Sealing INDUSTRIAL CO., specializes in the production of the highest quality eco-friendly wood coatings and wood restoration. We develop environmentally friendly wood coatings and develop them into world-class wood preservative coatings. It is also restored as a new house that has been neglected for a long time and has just been built with ruined and damaged cultural properties, temples, hanok, wooden houses and so on. We promise to do our best to make beautiful and clean environment by always doing our best to produce wooden paint and wood restoration.

# Main Products:
1. WOOD MAGIC(Epoxy)
Curing time 4 hours - (for crack molding)
2. WOOD MAGIC(Epoxy)
Curing time 6 hours - (for sheet material)
3. WOOD Magic
(molding agent)
Thickness is strict. No matter the area

Crack Molding Epoxy <WOOD MAGIC>Crack Molding Epoxy <WOOD MAGIC>Crack Molding Epoxy <WOOD MAGIC>




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