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wheel alignment system_SAMHONG ENGINEERING CO.,LTD

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# About Samhong Engineering Co., Ltd.

We initiated our business as the company selling and marketing the electronic devices for the auto repair in the year of 1992. We were small company at the beginning stage and initiated the development of localized wheel alignmentpment iase, we completed the development of wheel alignment in order to lengthen the natural life of tires and for the comfortable and safety driving and also, in 1990, we initiated the development of big scaled wheel alignment by showing the importance of wheel alignment for bigscaled vehicles to the market. We were proud of the prevention of loss of foreign currencies and substitution of the imported products for localized one.

Our current market share is about 40% in domestic market, and our reputation from numbers of clients are excellent. And wewould try our best efforts to move forward one step advance to compared with our competitors and for manufacturing the products with high quality. And promise to try our best efforts to get the exporting network and let the SouthEast Asian people know about our excellent products.

We would keep trying our best efforts for the development and production of auto repairing equipment every people may conveniently use with our policy that you are our owner and until all the vehicles will stop operating.

# Main product of Samhong Engineering Co., Ltd.
- Wheel alignment
Wheel Alignment system <Smart Carper 825>

Product description

Camera type wheel alignment system developed purely by SAMHONG ENGINEERING technology in order to more faster & accurate measurement and reduce the maintenance cost using high-performance camera

Technical Details

  1. Camera with high-performance IP type.
  2. Perfect wireless type
  3. Adjustment up/down angle of camera
  4. Target applied tempered glass
  5.  Non-required zero-adjustment periodically
  6.  Low maintenance costs
  7.  Application rolling runout 
  8.  Reduce working time than conventional
  9.  Adjustment turntable height
  10.  Console with soft design

Wheel Alignment system <CARPER CCD 725>

Product description

  1.  Precise alignment with 8 CCD image sensors of high accuracy
  2. Both wire/ wireless communication
  3. Durably designed new type of measuring heads
  4. Remote control panel is installed on each head
  5. Visible and comprehensible graphics for program
  6. Special filter minimizes disturbance from the light
  7. Customer data can be saved to USB to Floppy disk
  8.  Electric level sensors on each measuring head
  9. Spoiler level sensors on each measuring head
  10. 3D dynamic image for simulation of adjustment
  11.  instruction for advanced inspection & analysis fof vehicles status for user's reference
  12.  Elevated adjustment for CASTER/CAMBER
  13.  Vehicle diagnostic program
  14.  Display of values in graph & number for user convenience
  15.  Measuremnet and adjustment for selected item is available
  16. Runout compensation is available at any time during measurement
  17. Self-diagnosis to inform the operation or malfuction of unit

Wheel Alignment system <CARPER CCD 525>


  1. Precise Measurement by using 8 CCD image Sensors
  2.  Easy operating program for user convenience
  3. Special filter prevents sunbeam obstacles during measurement
  4.  Functions to save customer's data to USB or Floppy disk
  5.  Measure and Adjustment for selected item is available
  6. Electronic level sensor on each head minimize difference of measurement
  7. Special function or compensation & Measurement in case of the front & rear setback is blocked
  8. Selectable data transmissin by wires or wireless
  9.  Instruction for advanced inspection & analysis of vehicles status as reference
  10. Show the simulation of adjustment by 3D dynamic image
  11.  Program for elevated adjustment of caster or camber
  12.  Vehicle diagnostic program (axle-offset, side-offset, difference of wheel base and track)
  13.  Self-Diagnosis Program 

4. CARPER-201
Wheel Alignment system <CARPER 201>


  1.  Built-in infrared filter of fixed sensor module
  2. Diagnosis and checking of a suspension, measurement of a ride height
  3. Built-in program for preliminary checking and analyzing a vehicle
  4.  Quickly handle by lifting a vehicle when adjusting when adjusting caster and camber
  5.  Capability of suspension body diagnosties
  6. Use of a sensor for accurate compensation of position when runout
  7. Use of plus monitor for convenience of control
  8. Self diagnostics alarming the use and failure of devices

Wheel Alignment system <CARPER CCD 325>


  1. Prompt & precis diagnment with 8 CCD image sensors of high accuracy
  2. Wireless communication with "Bluetooth"
  3. Exclusively designed sensor head for truck && bus
  4. In addition to 19" LCD monitor, 17" LCD monitor is equipped inside of chamber
  5. Measured in drive position, no lifting necessary
  6.  Special filter minimizes disturbance from the light
  7.  Customer data can be saved to USB or Floppy disk
  8.  Electronic level sensors on each measuring head with display on screen
  9. instruction for advanced inspection & analysis of vehicles status for reference
  10.  Vehicle diagnostic program
  11. Measurement and adjustment for selected item is available
  12. Self-diagnosis to inform the operation or malfuction of unit



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