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Precision positioning Stage_Multifunctional 40mm H-class super slim precision positioning stage_ JAEWON Co., Ltd

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#Company Introduction:
JAEWON is a Korean engineering and manufacturing company specializing in the design, manufacture and application of precision positioning stages. JAEWON’s precision positioning stages are primarily used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, flat panel display manufacturing equipment, fiber optics and photonics, vision systems, medical engineering, and other high-performance industrial automation applications.
We pride ourselves on our unrivaled technological prowess, rigorous quality assurance and modern manufacturing facilities. Our commitment to quality begins with our strict quality control procedures that are employed and adhered to throughout all phases of our manufacturing processes. JAEWON is certified in accordance with ISO 9001: quality management, and ISO 14001: environmental management and other quality standards. JAEWON also has been registered by CE to manufacture the precision positioning stages meeting the CE safety requirement.
We will continue to meet the market demands of precision positioning stage industry through our continuous investment in R&D.

#Main products:
1. Multifunctional 40mm H-class super slim precision positioning stage
Multifunctional 40mm H-class super slim precision positioning stage
2. High precision motorized alignment Stage (Model: MAS-100-40)
High precision motorized XYθ alignment Stage (Model: MAS-100-40)
3. Motorized linear Stage (Model: MX-60 / MX-80)
Motorized linear Stage (Model: MX-60 / MX-80)
4. Motorized rotation Stage (Model: MRSG-60/MRSG-80)
Motorized XYΘ positioning stage (Model: MXYRSG-60)
5. Motorized positioning stage (Model: MXYRSG-60)
Motorized rotation Stage (Model: MRSG-60/ MRSG-80)
6. Inbody stage
Inbody stage
7. Goniometer stage
Goniometer stage
8. Manual linear stage
Manual linear stage



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