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Plasma source_Arc power supply_JY Technology Inc.

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#Company Introduction:
We, JY Technology, provide plasma source (arc cathode. Sputter cathode and linear ion source ) that are required
for vacuum coating system.
The plasma technology is in wide use in the high tech industry ; semicon, FPD, Solar , AMOLED, Mobile, Automotive, etc.
The plasma source are essential and core factors to generate the plasma and its quality.
JY Technology is trying to help customers develop the most productive and cost-effective thin film applications
on the market by providing the advanced plasma source.
By sharing the experience and accumulated Technologies through the internal thin film coating R&D center,
JY Tech is committing to do best that JY Technology will do best constantly in order for customers to be
advanced and competitive in the industry.

#Main product:
1. Arc power supply
- Arc coating for D.C power supply
*Technical Detail:
1) Enable Trigger running time : - Stable arc discharge
2) EMI noise filter to input/output and communication port: - Prevent malfunction by external noise
3) Various communication protocol : - ensure user convenience
4) High current power supply: - Applicable to various process
5) Auto Trigger function : - possible auto arc discharge
6) High accuracy output power:
- ensure 1% of setpoint full rated output accuracy
Arc power supply

2. Linear Ion source
- Cleaning and Etching for Ion source
*Technical Detail:
1) Optimize Plasma discharge
2) Maximization of ionization rate
3) Minimization arc from Source
4) Minimization particle from Source
Linear Ion source

3. Sputter cathode
- Sputter for cathode
*Technical Detail:
1)Profiled Magnet Technology
2)Optimized Performance
3)Broad Range of Sizes
4)More Efficient Cooling
5)Standard and Custom Design Options
6)Standard and Custom Accessories
7)Robust Design Configurations
Sputter cathode

4. arc cathode
- Arc Coating for cathode
*Technical Detail:
1)Trigger : Igniter Swing Type.
- Prevent Trigger contamination
2) High cooling performance
- Accept high power and various process
3) Long Maintenance period & Easy assemble shield
- Long life time and easy Maintenance
4) Good magnet design with Simulation
- Stable coating process
5) Stable Magnet Field .
- Stable coating process
Arc cathode

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