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Hydrogen maker_H₂ Noble ⍺_TORY CO.,LTD

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*Company Introduction:
We provide hydrogen generator ODM production service.You can just launching Innovative hydrogen generators by your brand.
Let us launch your products in the way that we supplstributors who deal with our products hydrogen generators.Please Start a hydrogen generator distributor business.
If you have any other way to cooperate, consultation is possible at any time.

*Main product:
H2 Noble ⍺ is a Hydrogen maker that people can use it to inhaling hydrogen gas, drinking hydrogen water and enjoyhydrogen water bath.
Hydrogen maker (H₂ Noble ⍺)

* Technical Detail:
-The purity of the hydrogen generating( 99.99%)
Concentration of inhaled hydrogen (2-3 %)
This is the highest level of Japanese hydrogen generator industry
-High precision of electrode junction technology and high uniformity of hydrogen generation technology.
-Low voltage high current circuit technology (constant current control circuit technology)



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